Paediatric Chiropractic

Children's Chiropractic
Father holding a Child

Dr Matt Windsor is a qualified paediatric /children's chiropractor. Having completed extensive post graduate education in the study of paediatric chiropractic in addition to the 5 year university Masters degree in chiropractic. Dr Matt is able to assess and treat children from birth right through to adulthood.

If you have never had your child checked by a chiropractor, you might be wondering why would a child need to see a chiropractor?

The answer is, there are many reasons. Let's look first at the where issues may arise earlier on- in utero, or in lay terms, in the womb. Sometimes how a pregnancy plays out can have significant impacts on the child developing inside. Stress both physical and emotional on the mother can create undue stress on the developing child. This may in turn lead to physical or neurological stresses for which some babies have can not adapt to and thus may contribute to limitations on their development. These may not be apparent at birth immediately but may present over time as increased irritably, poor sleep patterns, poor development and delays reaching milestones.



The birth itself can present challenges. There are a variety of ways in which babies are born these days and some one them bring with them significant challenges to a new born. Births involving C-sections, ventouse/ vacuum or forceps may place significant stress on the cranial and neck structures of a newborn and may also influences the nervous system it contains as a result. This can influence the babies development and may lead to short term issues like issue latching with breastfeeding, sleep patterns, colic and irritability and reaching early developmental milestones.


If reflexes present at birth do not integrate well as a result of these birth stresses then the child may have Retained Neo-natal reflexes, you can learn more about this here.

As children grow and develop they are subjected to arrange of physical stresses. Most of these stresses produced positive response from the body and allow them to develop skills to adapt and over come to those stresses, these include learning to sit, crawl, walk, run and play. However along this journey there are times where these stresses are to much for the child's body to adapt to and they may develop a negative response. These can be immediately apparently like they are for adults and result in pain, a limp or an obvious symptom. Or subtle and develop and accumulate slowly overtime, like with adults, in minor and sometimes imperceivable accumulation until chronic and may not be picked up until much later in life when what was once a small and easily corrected issue, is now an ingrained chronic issue that is harder to overcome.

This is why at The Chiro & Co Blackheath, our chiropractor Dr Matt Windsor recommends screening all children as soon as possible. Most will have little or no issues and we can watch them develop into fantastic humans beings. Some we will identify and rectify issues early on, improving both the immediate situation and the long term health of that child.