At our Blue mountains clinic, our evidenced based chiropractors will perform a structural and functional assessment to determine not just what is causing your pain but the reasons why. This may included an assessment of how you muscles function, the movement patterns of the whole body, the central and peripherals nervous system- i.e how your brain tells your body to move, feel and interact with your environment.

The spine is the protective housing of the spinal cord and an  extension of the brain itself. We call this your central nervous system." The nerves that exit the spine and travel along to our feet, hands , toes, etc are called the peripheral nervous system.


How we use ( or don't use ) our spines and our limbs in our day to day life can have impacts on these systems.

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Sometimes, physical and traumatic events can cause an acute condition almost instantaneously. Sometimes, the impacts are only minor for each occasion but because they happen frequently the consequences of the impact build up over time. This slow build up may be symptom free, sometimes for years until the body reaches its limit to adapt to the stresses and becomes reactive and symptomatic. Pain may have only just started but the underlying causes may have been building for years! 

Our chiropractors, Dr Matt Windsor & Dr Mike Kang, from our Blackheath clinic examine and treat the underlying causes of these issues whilst getting you back to symptom/pain free as quickly as possible. This holistic approach discovers how the body is functioning as a whole and where dysfunction of one or many areas can be contributing to your issues. 


Treatment using chiropractic involves restoring these proper functions. This may included muscle/ soft tissue therapy such as massage, active release technique, trigger point release, myofascial release and muscle mobility work. Adjustments or manipulations may also be performed. Depending of factors such as age, conditions involved, contraindications and of course patient preference. These manipulations or "adjustments" may be performed manually by hand, with the use of instruments which provide extremely low force, with cranial release or via the use of special designed treatment tables. In any case there are a range of ways treatment can be provided, from the very gentle to the more rigorous sports and remedial forms. Be sure to know that we have options to help suit any preferences.

Some of the more common conditions we have treated successfully include:

  • Lower back pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Headaches

  • Shoulder pain

  • Hip Pain

  • Jaw (TMJ) pain

  • Foot & Ankle Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Knee Pain

  • Pregnancy Related Pain

  • Vertigo & Balance issues