Dedicated to healing since 2000, Bianca has studied at two private Naturopathic colleges and the University of Western Sydney, attaining qualification in both Naturopathy and Remedial Massage Therapy.


Bianca has also attained qualification in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy through the International Leela school. Bianca supports her clients by drawing upon these modalities to promote deeper healing from a psychological level, and to support from a physical level with Herbal Medicine, Nutritional guidance and Massage Therapy.

She immersed herself in the practice and study of Yoga from 1999, situating in India for part year in early 2000 to deepen her knowledge and to follow her yearning for self awakening. It was through teaching yoga that Bianca recognised the immense potential for inner freedom, love and awakening.




Bianca Lovelock

DipRemedial Massage, AdvDipNat, CertAdvPsychotherapy, Cert Yoga TeachingATMS

Psychotherapy, Naturopathy, Remedial Massage

Teaching meditation and the subtler practices such as yoga nidra, became the first buds of what would bloom into Psychotherapy. Her approach to Psychotherapy is one of supported self inquiry. To wake up from the confines of belief systems makes for an entirely different life, where the true potential is to live from the inherent power, clarity and loving intelligence of ones essential nature.

Bianca has been practicing Remedial massage therapy since 2000. In this safe and nurturing space Bianca offers a skillful and intuitive approach to Massage Therapy that promotes the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of well being.

Massage Therapy can help release the feelings of stress and contraction, and can help restore balance and the free flow of energy and vitality in the body. Bianca has a grounding in yoga and meditation, Reiki and self inquiry and holds a space for deeper rest and relaxation during these Massage sessions.

Massage can easily be tailored for Relaxation, Deep tissue remedial and Pregnancy. Bianca has also worked with children, the elderly and those in palliative care and those in the last stages of life.

Massage Therapy is available for 45minutes, 1hr and 75 minute sessions.

45mins $75
60mins $100

75 mins $125

Health fund rebates are available from most Health funds


"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being." — Hafiz of Shiraz

In a safe, private and honoured space Bianca offers sessions of supported self inquiry. Her approach of psychotherapy invites a conversation between client and therapist to unveil the structures of thinking and behaviour that keep suffering in place.

Through these sessions it is possible to discover what is deeper, to contact the natural loving intelligence of your true being, and to claim your birthright to realise what is inherent, and to be free.

Bianca has been participating in a mentor training program to support new students in skill development, and self inquiry since early 2018 with the International Leela school founded by Eli Jaxon Bear.

Psychotherapy Sessions are 1 hour- $90


Bianca has been in Naturopathic practice since 2003 and holds professional membership with ATMS. Bianca uses a constitutional approach when supporting clients. Balancing the qualities and energetics of food and herbal medicines to the unique physical, energetic and emotional experience of her clients.

Bianca prescribes Herbal Medicine, Nutritional supplements and offers tailored nutritional guidance. As a mother of four, Bianca is comfortable working with infants, young children and teenagers.

Bianca offers Naturopathic support in

  • Acute conditions

  • Children's health

  • Men's health

  • Women's health

  • Preconception, pregnancy and post natal care

  • Immune and respiratory health

  • Digestive health

  • Allergies and skin conditions

  • Chronic and recurrent illness

  • Anxiety and depression


Naturopathy sessions:

Initial Consultation : 1 hour $100

Subsequent Consultation : $80

What people are saying

“…what I found very powerful was the clarity and ease with which Bianca pointed me towards my true Self, silence, love…”


"I felt her loving energy from the first moment of communicating with her, such a beautiful experience…”


“.. her deep care and respect for this work is exquisite and I felt completely held the whole way through the session. Her pacing and tonality made it easy to drop deep and open easily. I am so grateful…”


“ Bianca is skilled, intuitive and sensitive to the needs of her client…”


“ I have known Bianca for more than five years, and throughout that time, Bianca’s commitment to healing has been evident. She has a deep and inspiring desire to live a life of integrity and peace, and to help others to do the same.”


"There was a very potent moment for me, quite at the beginning of the session…. in just an instant I went from all kinds of feelings and sensations connected to the Present condition to a sense of being vast, light, wide, silent, empty, open, loving space. That felt very confirming for me – that indeed, this knowledge of myself is here and clear and accessible in any moment…”


"Bianca offers her therapeutic support in a very beautiful and skilful way. As her client, even in our first session, I felt like she was fully ‘with me’ with such deep awareness and unwavering support. An unquestionable foundation of trust and safety so needed in this deep work was naturally present. Whenever I describe a context to work through, (including all the emotional/mental/physical states that go with it) Bianca very skilfully asks clarifying questions which help me see for myself a deeper layer of what is going on internally (it helps shed light on what I’m telling myself/believing/wanting in a moment of conflict/disconnect and how that perpetuates a feeling of separation and suffering). I love how Bianca allows me to take my time. There is never any sense of rushing to a solution, just time to fully unfold and explore in her vast and wise presence, which ultimately is exactly what is so needed. In one session, I was able to see and experience what the result would feel like of living from a place of deep Self love - I deeply saw how taking exquisite care of myself (which I wasn’t fully doing at the time) would nourish me, and saw how that would flow out into all areas of my life. I also discovered that as I allowed myself to fully receive that true and deep self support, I was able to ‘land’ and rest in an even deeper aspect of myself, vast stillness and endless quiet that fills my entire being. I’m so grateful for Bianca’s support and would highly recommend her invaluable sessions to anyone…”

- Laura Shaw, BEd, MA, C.Ht
Meditation teacher ~ Mindfulness/Self-Inquiry Coach

Bianca is available at The Chiro & Co Blackheath, The Blue Mountains.

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